P(X) Advertising and Brand Marketing Agency in Bangalore and Cochin

Advertising, for us is not about the money. It is about the passion to create brands that last and build a reputation that shall never fade. It is with this passion that we work and in the brief time, we have achieved extraordinary things. At P(x) our services include everything ranging from Brand Identity creation to Ads and Outdoor Advertising. With our unique approach and a keen eye for innovation, we provide the best possible marketing strategies and ideas that outdoes the ordinary and outlasts mortality.
Brand Identity
What is a brand? A Brand defines a person, a product, a service and a lot more. The very existence of an entity depends on how well the brand is known to its intended audience.

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Ads & Outdoor Advertising
Advertising is our lifeline; the air we breathe has advertising written all over it. We utilise any and every medium possible to create ads that leave a lasting impression on their viewers and the target group.
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When it comes to packaging, we believe that ‘Jo dikhta hai, woh bikhta hai aur wohi bikhega’ (What you see is what sells and it will sell).
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We have taken the concept of brochure designing to a whole new level and we have added colours and art that speaks to the customer in every page we have designed.
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Brand Experience
Brand experience is something that lets one feel the product or service in a very unique way.
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The world is moving to the digital space and we are not far behind.

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Brand Colleterals
Corporate collaterals, as unimportant as it may sound to an ordinary person, it means the world in the business, and it means business.
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