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P(X) Marketing Consultants offering you complete online Brand experience!

Welcome to the 21st Century, a world that lives somewhere in the cloud. A magical place where everything happens with a click. By the press of a button, a rocket shoots into the outer space. A voice command sets a war in motion, a place where everything is live. Facebook is your new face. You surf without high tides. Everything you own is now in the clouds and you #Instagram your #Instalife! Yes, Welcome to the 21st Century.

In the world that is now online you don’t want to miss out on clients by staying off the line. Every move of yours has to be live to survive in this fast changing world. Digital or online marketing is the new trend and it has revolutionised the way people shop or learn about things. TVCs are today judged by the number of YouTube hits. Print ads are shared and tweeted. The local market is now the globe and everyone has to be ready for this.

dot P(x) is a concept. A thought that popped to bring in a revolution in the online world and to take our clients to the new level, that is, on the World Wide Web. We believe that we should adapt to new technology and the virtues of the technology.

With dot P(x), we are entering the digital market in a fully fledged manner with offering our clientele the complete online experience covering social media planning, digital marketing, web designing, search engine optimization and more. Together we shall exploit the virtual world and reach to people all around the world.

Let us log in to a whole new world with dot P(x)

We Believe in Brands. P(x)