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Bangalore based marketing agency encourages the consumer and establishes a Brand

The P(x) way towards establishing a brand in the market is based on a holistic and cyclic approach. Tackling each and every facet of brand interaction and at the same time keeping the brand at the core of each engagement. Unlike traditional models, which terminate once the transaction is made, the relationship model of functioning we have developed is continuous and encourages the consumer to participate in the promotion of the brand. Here satisfied consumers’ takeover the marketing exercises in a way since they spread the word and recommend the service or product to contemporaries. We make sure that each and every branding exercise we take up follows this model since it has been tested and tried to show promising outcomes that have generated goodwill and brand recall time and time again.

  • Awareness: Getting the word out about a brand is of paramount importance and is undertaken with communications that are both pertinent and attention grabbing in order to capture the minds of the people.
  • Interaction: Getting the audience to interact first hand with the unique selling points of the brand helps people to relate to the service or product more.
  • Collaboration: By initiating a sequence of activities that will unify the synergy of the audience and the thrust of the brand strategy, we create collaboration that harnesses the power of convergence.
  • Satisfaction: For the target audience to derive the benefits of a brand directly is an amazing experience and catapults the brand to the very apogee of customer satisfaction.
  • Co-creation: The ultimate in projecting brand identity is for the consumers themselves to take part in the branding process. We enable such a scenario so that the brand in imprinted in the psyche of the consumers.