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The working methodology of how P(x) functions in creating and sustaining brands is exemplified aptly by the Brand BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) model. Best illustrated by this anecdote of “Pattar’s SalAD”. A story set in a bucolic village of yesteryears where we come across a Pattar who happens to be a brilliant chef who can whip up the most delectable biriyanis. Find out what happens when he is advised by the king’s chief counsel to add a salAD to his menu. In his pursuit of executing the instructions which include procuring ingredients like branding, ads, social media etc., does Pattar lose his focus and priorities or does he manage to pull it off? Get to know what happens in Pattar’s journey towards creating something new for his patrons. Does it backfire or does it become a hit? Translate this analogy to any brand today and compare the effects and effectiveness of the salAD on the image, positioning and efficacy of the advertising strategy employed. Should undertaking such a step for a brand be taken independently or with the guidance and support of an expert who has proven know-how and skills in what they are doing. See further to know what unfolds.

By enabling Brand BOT we take care of the ‘brand salad’ while you can concentrate on your area of expertise. May it be a brand that is on the verge of launching and requires guidance on the approach to take in order to position themselves well or an inchoate start-up needing that vital boost to propel themselves to the next level or a well-heeled brand that needs revitalisation, Brand BOT comes into play. We will build the brand, operate the strategy and finally transfer the amounting positive outcomes to you. Functioning in sync and at tandem to create convergence in order to bring the brand to the fore.

A Man with extraordinary talent.

Long ago there lived in a village, Pattar, a man with an extraordinary talent.

Conjure Biriyani

He could conjure up mouth-watering biriyani every single day.


People came from far and wide to relish this delicacy.


Now it so happened that the King’s Advisor on hearing about the speciality paid a visit to Pattar.


Mix a dash of ads, stir up a sprinkling of branding, grind in an infusion of digital, sauté a helping of social media…

Search ingredients

Pattar lands in the city in search of the right ingredients.

Best Biriyani
Brand Bot

Pattar makes his way back to the village burdened with the heavy load.

Mustering all energy

Tired and exhausted Pattar prepares to cook for the next day mustering all his energy.

Salad with Biriyani

For the first time he serves the salad along with the biriyani.

Digital Strategy
Giving advice on all wrong move to any business

With all the brouhaha around the brand salad Pattar loses focus on the bigger picture.

Now we leave Pattar to think where he had gone wrong. Was taking the ADvice a wrong move or how he implemented it.

Enable Build, Operate and Transfer