Brand Identity

Conveying a distinctive identity to brands that expresses what they stand for and what they plan to achieve.

What is a brand? A Brand defines a person, a product, a service and a lot more. The very existence of an entity depends on how well the brand is known to its intended audience. Without the right branding, it is very hard for an organization to survive. Brand Identity refers to creating this connect with the audience that when they spot the logo or any element of the logo, they are able to identify the brand and create a connect with the brand. When it comes to Brand Identity, every element matters. The biggest brands in the world are remembered for the simplicity that stands out in everything, starting from the logo to the campaigns that they do. Everything that we design for a brand will leave a brand remind that lasts and you can see the simple subtlety that beams throughout the branding elements and we strive to find the perfect balance of simplicity, innovation and subtlety. We achieve this through our branding module which we call Brand BOT (Build. Operate. Transfer). With this module, we are able to take on a brand at any stage of its existence starting from its inception to renaissance of a brand that needs a new face. We have created Brand Identity to an assortment of brands ranging from a rock band to an IT company, FMCG to B2B products, real estate to lifestyle products and we are going forward and venturing with brands from every industry possible. At P(x), we believe in creating brands that last an eternity rather than finding a temporary solution. We believe in the long term brand remind that creates goodwill and our work is a dedication to creating the perfect brand identity as the product or the services deserves. As a matter of fact, we go beyond this. We create a legacy that is carried forward by anybody who would take on the brand as their own in the future. We create brands as we believe in brands, and our life’s work is dedicated towards that.