Brand Exprience

Acquired high level of access and in-depth information of brands that attracts our audience and customers.

Brand experience is something that lets one feel the product or service in a very unique way. With that in mind, we thought why restrict the experience for one of the senses, so, in our run, we have created unique brand experience campaigns that sooths all five senses. With designs like the User Interface in the OWN water purifiers, the Bindhi calendar and many more, we let the customers experience touch in a unique way. The Bindhi calendars were made using actual bindhis that women use and with these, the receiver could feel the quality of the bindhi first hand. We designed the OWN User Interface what we call the Humanoid Interface, where a person could touch and interact with the water purifier with the unique touch screen, digital display and speech assist. We designed a unique Coffee Menu where in we used actual coffee to give that intoxicating aroma when the customer is glancing through the menu. This made coffe irresistible and we triggered the sense of smell with this unique menu. With our eye for innovation, we made a regular sari store into a sari museum and created a legacy that will last forever. Brand Experience comes naturally to as we believe that brands are best experienced when felt. Yes, We Believe in Brands!