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An award is not just an award. It is not just recognition, fame or accolades. In advertising, an award means something much more of the innumerable entries that are submitted each year only a few are filtered and nominated for consideration. The criteria not only being just creativity but also the effectiveness of the creative and the sharpness of the insight. An idea may be good but did it work is the question. That's where creative brilliance comes in. And smart clients demand it. They seek out creative agencies because they know that it's not just the number of ads you run, it's the number of impressions you make. Bottom line: If you want to get anyone excited about your product or service, you'd better get them excited about your advertising. And awards are a good medium to achieve this.

Pepper 2013

Bagging one Pepper Award in its most recent installment, P(x) has made a mark in the advertising scene.

Bang on the spot!

Recognition for our ingenuity and hard work have come calling in the from of a whopping 9 Big Bang Awards in its most recent edition. Up against the foremost in the industry, P(x) has proved its mettle in categories like Brand Identity, Ads, Illustration etc., going on to show that dedication and creative thinking from our part go a long way.

9 flavours of Pepper

The year 2013 ended with a Bang and we were all set to take on 2014! With hard work and unmatched creativity we were able to establish ourselves at the Pepper Awards 2014 with 8 awards and 1 finalist entry. The auditorium saw the Yellow P(x) spirit like never before. We will be there for the next edition with more awards and we shall paint the town Yellow!