Ads & Outdoor Advertising

Capturing the right audience to create an impact on branding and moving a step forward to present it on a different level.

Advertising is our lifeline; the air we breathe has advertising written all over it. We utilise any and every medium possible to create ads that leave a lasting impression on their viewers and the target group. To give a teaser on what we have done, we have explored in traditional mediums like TV, radio, print and we have done crazy insane stuff in unconventional mediums like on ground, outdoor, ambient and other mediums. What more, we have explored the digital medium to the core and we have found solutions that click.
Our portfolio includes a cluster of ads and advertising campaigns that have proven to be very effective and have provided satisfactory results to the clients and the target audience.

Things you have read: We have delivered print ad campaigns to few of the top guns in their industries and on news papers and magazines of national and international reputation. We have played with the print advertising medium and we have created wonders on many. We have added texture and textile to the paper, we have used corners and gaps that no one would even have thought of and we have created wonders in the medium. We inscribed art into the otherwise boring medium and filled it with colours and craftsmanship. For a more detailed insight on Print Advertising by P(x) check out our gallery page or ask us for a portfolio.

Things you have heard: Radio advertising is another medium where we have created wonders. We have used this conventional medium in the most unconventional way possible. We have broken barriers of sound and we have aired wonders. We never settled for the ordinary and we have strived to deliver the unique experience even in listening to radio and have always given a fresh perspective with every ad.

Things you have seen: When it comes to TV and AV mediums, we have you tuned in the right channels. With ads and AVs so unique and larger than life, we have delivered a fresh perspective to the medium, in the medium. Something about this medium drives us crazy and we give out the ultimate best possible from us. For us it is more about the idea than the production value or any other aspect. We have brought out brilliant advertisements with very minimal budgets in TV and we feel a sense of pride with our achievement in this field.

Things you have passed by:One medium that lets us bring out our creative best has always been Outdoor Advertising. When traditional advertising firms use this medium to communicate on a primitive level, we have used the medium and emerged with things that have gone out of the frame, and we can safely say, we have done things that stand out of the box. We know for a fact that spending money outrageously on outdoor medium will not prove the mettle; hence we design outdoor ads that cost hardly anything and manage to bring out the best possible concepts. It is not about spending, but spending right! What more? We have managed to bring out craftsmanship with our ideas and illustrations even in the outdoor medium.